Once: Pick me Up Magazine Issue 48 answers

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Puzzle 1, page 15:2 x Samsung TV's, Nintendo Wii & Family Trainer game! - PLACES
Puzzle 2, page 17:Strike It! - 1 x £250 - SWEETNESS
Puzzle 3, page 34:3 x Family 2-night breaks at Alton Towers + £100 Andrex Puppy points - NATIONAL
Puzzle 4, page 71:Win a panto set + Camcorder Set - DROUGHT
Puzzle 5, page 75:2 x Family day trips to Lapland + Ice Age 3 Dvd's, runner-ups will get the Dvd - PURSE
Family puzzles 1 : page 64 - 1 x TV, DVD player & G-force combi pack, 10 runner-ups the Combi pack - MISTLETOE
Family puzzles 2 : page 66 - 2 x Lec fridge freezers worth £279.99 & Dalepak goodies to fill the freezer - UGLY SISTERS
£25 an Answer .. Suggested answers,
£1,000 full prize if they are all correct, >??
1 Across - FORGETS
5 Across - ICE CUBE
10 Across - FEET
11 Across - RACER
12 Across - OMIT
13 Across - APOSTATE
14 Across - AGENTS
15 Across - PYRE
16 Across - LEMON DROPS
18 Across - COMPREHEND
21 Across - MACE
23 Across - STRAIN
25 Across - CLIMATIC
27 Across - AGAR
28 Across - ALPHA
29 Across - DUKE
30 Across - INFLATE
31 Across - REWRITE
2 Down - OVERPAY
3 Down - GO TO SLEEP
4 Down - TERRA
7 Down - CLONE
8 Down - BUILT UP
9 Down - SCREAM
16 Down - LIE IN WAIT
17 Across - RAM RAIDER
19 Down - OCTOGON
20 Down - EXCEPT
22 Down - CRICKET
24 Down - APRIL
26 Down - IMAGE

mod edit: credit to korkythekat on MSE for the answers


thanks blackrod

Top man thanks.

Steal these off MSE?


The person who posts them on MSE is also registered on this site. ***** Personal Information removed - please do not post members personal information *****

BLACKROD WEAVER I'm really disapppointed at you, was giving you credit for what i thought was finding your own comps, i was just beginning to get used to this site & have been posting the full house ones, was going to start posting the pick me up ones what i do every week on MSE & have been doing for years,
to share on here as well, but, it looks like you've stole my complete posting what took me nearly 2 days to do the puzzles & work them all out in between other mags i do, i hope you're ashamed of yourself, though i doubt it, did you pay the £1.45 to purchase the mag, then spend time working out all the puzzles?
i very much doubt that as well, it's people like you, the_stigger & a few others on here that make us want to stop buying the mags to share the answers, perhaps you'd like to pay the money for them & have people steal your hard work ?
& if any member on here is in doubt that it is a copy of my posting..check it out..


BTW, The OCTOGON is spelt incorrectly, i made a typo on my post as pointed out


so that proves you have taken the post from MSE

ETA* typo rectified on OP.

I would suggest you respell the incorrect spelling blackrod, to save members on here entering with the wrong spelling.

:thumbsup: to all involved!

CHEERS BLACKROD, heat added.

We can guess what you've been doing all week Blackrod :thumbsup:
Thank you for this mammoth effort
when we win we will have a the merriest of Christmases :santa:
I just won an office in a box Whoo Hoo!!!
Redundancy is so much fun ( shhh dont tell my husband)

Thank you Blackrod you have my vote,
For goodness sake if the answers are posted on the World Wide Web then they are up for grabs to anyone who has the gumption to use them.....
Spelling mistakes and all

cheers blackrod, sorry to Korkythekat but why not post on both MSE and HUKD if you want credit on both? :thumbsup:

all sorted chezz2



Entered, http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/1186/cheerswalgromit.jpg BLACKROD WEAVER

Thanks, the hard work really is appreciated

Entered thanks!

thanks blackrod for the post but the real star is korkythekat for the answer and effort you are a star.

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