Once: The Colour of Money £4,000 Competition - Saturday 28/03

Found 28th Mar 2009
Fancy winning the cash prize shown in this weeks viewer's competition? Just answer the question as featured in the show for your chance to win!

Question: The pirate Long John Silver is a character in which book?

Answer: A (Treasure Island)
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I have NEVER won anything (except for beating 200,000,000 other contenders for life), but I have stuck in an entry in

cheers OP for posting the link
Entered and thanks...heat added
Thanks entered & added heat
what does added heat mean?
Clicking on the red trangle next to the thermometer causes the temperature to go up thereby letting others know how hot or good it is. Thanks Painkiller

what does added heat mean?

There's a clue somewhere in the name of this website?!
Thanks, heated.
Entered, http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/6957/thankspinkpantherbh1.gif
Thanks again painkiller you are a star!! Good Luck!!
Thanks for running. This is my first with this game so hope I'm lucky.:thumbsup:
Thank you muchly!
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