Once: The original Damien Hirst painting created for The Hours' album cover worth £125,000, daily prize of a signed lithoprint

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Found 22nd Apr 2009
Welcome to the start of our exclusive competition that gives you the chance to win your own original Damien Hirst artwork valued at £125,000. The painting was created for the cover of the new album by The Hours 'See The Light'.

Each day, across 20 days from 19 April until 8 May, we will be publishing a different question on this site. To take part answer all 20 questions. If you answer all the questions correctly you will be entered into the final draw to win the original artwork.

There is a specially created short story for you to follow at this blog. As the story unfolds, it will contain clues to help you answer the questions.

You have 24 hours to answer each question
You'll need to answer a question every day for 20 days
Even if you miss the start of the competition, you can still win the grand prize: questions 1-7 will be revealed over the first 7 days and you can answer them at any time up to midnight on Saturday 25 April
After Saturday 25 April, we will only publish one question per day, and we will take each day's question down at midnight
If you first enter after the first 7 days you can still win daily prizes but won't be able to win the grand prize

Good luck.

Answers so far:

1) Where you're going
2) Radiohead
3) 3 o'clock
4) The Clash
5) Reflection* thanks to Phil Crayford
6) What are you wearing tomorrow* thanks again to Phil Crayford


cheers I'll keep an rye on this one


The answer for Thursday 23rd April is reflection

What are you wearing tomorrow

See video introducing the hours

Knew HUKD would come to the rescue. Finding these questions somewhat tricky


Muhammad Ali

Any ideas for today's?

sundays answer - (26/04) beethoven


sundays answer - (26/04) beethoven

Muchas gracias, I had an inkling it might be =)

Mondays Answer:


Original Poster

dammit i didn't realise the questions got blocked - i can no longer win the big prize

Oh no! I missed two. Gutted.

Surely there can't be that many people religiously pursuing this, maybe there will be a HUKD winner

Tuesdays Answer:


wednesday (29 April) answer - ICARUS

Anyone know todays answer? I don`t even know who the bands are.... god I must be getting old!:oops:

Got it... todays answer (friday) is.... Edie Sedgwick

wow Im stumped with todays lol


wow Im stumped with todays lol

Todays answer (Saturday) is.... AIRPORTS. :thumbsup:

Excellent, thanks alot

Sundays Answer :

Philip Glass

Is anyone actually doing this still?

Anyway, todays (monday) answer is:



Is anyone actually doing this still?Anyway, todays (monday) answer … Is anyone actually doing this still?Anyway, todays (monday) answer is:chiaroscuro

Yep, still doing it.... thanks for the answers. :thumbsup:

Left you another orange dot!


Yep, still doing it.... thanks for the answers. :thumbsup: … Yep, still doing it.... thanks for the answers. :thumbsup: Left you another orange dot!

haha thanks If either of us win lets split the prize


Wednesdays Answer:


Thursdays Answer:


The final answer (friday) is.... Mont Sainte Victoire :thumbsup:

You would have though there would be some kind of confirmation once you have answered all the questions.

Anyway good luck to all who entered
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