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    Once: This Morning Mortgage or Rent Paid for a Year Competition - Friday 09/01

    We're giving you the chance to have your rent or mortgage paid for an entire year up to an incredible £20K!

    Question: What is said to be found at the end of the rainbow?

    Answer: B (Pot of Gold)


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    Excellent, thanks:thumbsup:


    thank you x


    Cheers :thumbsup:

    Fingers crossed:)

    entered thanks

    entered thanks

    Entered, thanks. :thumbsup:

    Many thanks - have entered :thumbsup:

    Entered, thanks:thumbsup:

    (Your screen capture is fab, Ive not even managed to put a picture on a post yet:oops:, good work, thanks:))

    entered thanks, fingers and toes crossed !

    Entered thanks! :thumbsup:

    Ive just entered the comp (thanks OP), the spam security words are sometimes illegible so you can refresh them. I took the greedy approach and tried to enter 5 times. However, i wasnt sure of one of the words so i deliberately typed it in wrong as I was curious what would be displayed.......i was told nothing...i was put through to the 'thanks for entering the competition' page. So basically if you do advertantly type one of the two words incorrectly you wont know as the following page gives the impressoin the code words were fine. Unless of course the spam filter is tosh and no matter what you type in you will be entered into the comp anyway.....

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    Just ran a test of this and it does stop you typing anything


    I entered 'HUKD TEST' & clicked on submit.


    As shown by the image above, after clicking on submit, a message appears reading 'Incorrect. Try Again' and the security words change.

    Entered. Thanks (heat added)
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