1. ITV Deals

    Once: Win £3000 with Golden Balls! (Thurs 13th Nov)

    Be in with a chance to win £3000! You can do a lot with that.

    The answer is: B. and it was on today's show

    Competition closes on 19th Nov at 5pm - Enter before then and you can enter up to 5 times!
    Good luck to all of you - remember me if you win :-)


    What was the corresponding answer to B? Looks like we have to physically type the answer rather than select a letter.

    Edit: Looking on MSE, they say just enter the letter - if that's the case it's probably worth mentioning it above or below the answer.

    Yep , requires an Answer

    Thank you

    so whats the answer??

    Can I ask why is this rated as Hot?

    The answer is missing, If you watched the show then fair play but must of us didn't and the answer is very important for us to enter.

    Seems odd this has been made hot.

    Thanks :0) entered

    Entered. http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/3797/thankyousmileynb5.gif

    I get what uz are saying so voted cold for me

    hmmmmm wots the answer??? surely you would post the letter and the answer???
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