Once: Win £75,000 or a house in France

This is a password collect thingy (or tokens):

"For your chance to win this amazing prize, you will need to collect 20 different passwords from the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday. We will be printing a total of 40 passwords in the paper from Saturday March 20, 2010"

I will try to post them each day, but any help would be most appreciated.

Saturday 20th March: Bonjour - Thank you PhilB100!!
Sunday 21st March: Crepe
Monday 22nd March: Sunshine
Tuesday 23rd March: Croissant
Wednesday 24th March: Baguette
Thursday 25th March: Beret
Friday 26th March: Eiffel
Saturday 27th March: Fromage
Sunday 28th March: Pate
Monday 29th March: Cafe
Tuesday 30th March: Plage
Wednesday 31st March: Frog
Thursday April 1st: Snail
Friday 2nd April: Vin
Saturday 3rd April: Paris
Sunday 4th April: Brie
Monday 5th April: Garlic
Tuesday 6th April: Camembert
Wednesday 7th April: Champagne
Thursday 8th April: Rouge
Friday 9th April: Calais
Saturday 10th April: Ferry
Sunday 11th April: Brittany
Monday 12th April: Provence
Tuesday 13th April: Louvre
Wednesday 14th April: Le Seine
Thursday 15th April: Monet
Friday 16th April: Cannes
Saturday 17th April: Frites
Sunday 18th April: Le Sac
Monday 19th April: Perfume
Tuesday 20th April: Chic
Wednesday 21st April: Cheese
Thursday 22nd April: Sand
Friday 23rd April: Sea
Saturday 24th April: Maison
Sunday 25th: Chateau
Monday 26th April: Gateau
Tuesday 27th April: Jardin
Wednesday 28th April: Piscine

Finished! Good Luck!


I appreciate your efforts - wherever it comes from.

Cheers mate

sounds good I'll try and keep up with it:thumbsup:


Cheers, BigBear!

cheers, :thumbsup:

I have read the rules on the Daily Mail site about this competition and it seems anyone over 18 can enter (so long as they are registered with the Daily Mail). Do you think it’s OK for more than one member of a household to enter (so long as they are registered)?

The first word for Saturday 20th march is :


Absolutely Fabulous thank you, its mine all mine!!!!

thanks bigbear will try to keep up to date with it..

have read the terms and condition normaly most comps state one per household, but i cant see it
stated as that, so dont know if other members of hosehold can also enter ?????

will be fighting cebray for the prize lol ... only jokeing

thankyou philb 100


Only one online registration with a maximum of 2 entries is permitted per registered email address.

I can't get it to receive my keyword any body else having this problem.

Keyword not found - Please try again

Great, thanks for this-will be following/entering daily(+H&R):thumbsup:

what a brilliant find thanks xx

Thank you. Sunday Mail 21st March password is: CREPE.

Cheers Bear, Best of luck to all!!!

It appears that you don't have to enter keywords daily, I just registered and entered the first 3 keywords listed, and they have appeared in the field which now reads:

[COLOR="Black"]The key words you have collected so far are:[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Navy"]Entry One[/COLOR]

So I'm sure you would be able to enter them all on the last entry date.

You can enter them all towards the end of the comp all at once. I remember this exact same comp last year.

Thanks for your continued input on this competition


Thanks for the daily updates. Much appreciated.

Thanks you Soooo Much !!! or as they say in France......Merci Beaucoup !!



Keep up the good work Bear!!! :thumbsup:

A1 folks, well done


Nice thats entry 1 complete :thumbsup:

Thanks BB, and all concerned...entry one completed;-)

Does anyone else's read the following(even though at the top it tells you that you have collected 24)?
You have successfully collected 40 valid French House keywords.
Your entries will be validated and entered into our draw for two chances to win our French House.

Good Luck and thanks for taking the time to enter.[/COLOR]

not mine anyhow bikermatt, must have been glitch they have fixed. gr8 thx peops.

No it just moved on to the second list for me.

Yes! I have been told I have collected 40 passwords too!!!

thanks again for keeping up with these:thumbsup:

Phew, thanks for that BigBear!!

Thanks again BB, followed this, and 2 entry`s now completed:-D

Thanks. Had to save this page as a link on my fast dial in case didn't find it again. Thanks for all the work you've put into this.

does anyone know who won this competition? would it show on the website?
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