Once: Win a 46-inch Sony BRAVIA Z5800, complete with built-in Freesat

The BRAVIA Z5800 allows you to take in smoother and sharper fast-action scenes with Motionflow 200Hz, which ups the frame rate from 50 to 200 per second. Combined with BRAVIA ENGINE 3 and an incredible Dynamic Contrast ratio of 100,000:1, it will make it feel as though fast-moving action on your freesat HD channels is happening right in the middle of your festive living room.



46 inches?

Is that all :whistling:

Well, try this!


It IS £40 grand, though.

thanks bb



46 inches?Is that all :whistling:Well, try this!It IS £40 grand, though.

Could of watched summit better then a trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 3!! :-D

Entered cheers :thumbsup:


Entered, http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/142/babyyouaresmoking.gif

Anyone that spends 40K on a TV has more money than sense! Begs the question, what are they compensating for? ;-)

Anyways, thanks. Entered.



thanks bigbear
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