Once: WIN a Christmas Family Hamper

Found 3rd Dec 2009
EDIT **** Ok so the link doesn't work... just do this:

Email to: competition@turner.com
Subject: Exclusive Newsletter Competition
Body of email: Put your name and your answer

This month we're giving you the opportunity to win a hamper full of delicious treats to share with your friends and family. All you have to do is answer the question below:

Complete the line from the popular Christmas carol: "The Holly and the..."
A) Berry
B) Ivy - - - - - ANSWER
C) Mistletoe

=== I got this in their monthly email. It comes as a direct link to send an email from e.g. Outlook. The direct link (http://mailto:competition@turner.com?subject=Exclusive Newsletter Competition&body=Name:Answer:) doesn't seem to work on here but you can try copying and pasting it ===
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