Once: Win a Creative Vado HD Pocket Video Cam!

To celebrate the release, we have a Creative Vado HD Pocket Video Cam worth £190 and a copy of the film to give away to one lucky winner!

This is my first time of posting this competition so am not sure if it repeat the questions in the same order, but I hope it does. Good luck

Question 1
Q) Which Coen brothers film stars Jeff Bridges as a character called The Dude?
A) The Big Lebowski

Question 2
Q) Orson Welles starred in a 1941 film entitled Citizen
A) Kane

Question 3
Q) The Man with the Golden Gun is the title of a film in which franchise?
A) James Bond

Question 4
Q) Royston Vasey was the setting for which comedy series?
A) The League of Gentlemen

Question 5
Q) Which of the following shows is presented by Jeremy Paxman?
A) Newsnight

Question 6
Q) BBC Parliament is a channel devoted to which particular area of interest?
A) Politics

Question 7
Q) What was Dave Lee Travis's moniker when he presented the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show?
A) The Hairy Cornflake

Question 8
Q) Rik Mayall played a smarmy MP in which comedy series?
A) The New Statesman

Question 9
Q) What was the title of the fourth Jaws film?
A) Jaws The Revenge

Question 10
Q) Dante Hicks and Randal Graves are the slacker central characters in which Kevin Smith movie?
A) Clerks

Question 11
Q) Who presents cookery series The Restaurant?
A) Raymond Blanc

Question 12
Q) Who writes a TV-themed column called Screen Burn for The Guardian?
A) Charlie Brooker

Question 13
Q) With which sci-fi series would you associate Vulcans and Klingons?
A) Star Trek

Question 14
Q) Fruits of the Sea is a book by which TV chef?
A) Rick Stein

Question 15
Q) Genesis of the Daleks is the title of a story from which series?
A) Doctor Who



heat added for effort

entered ,many thanks .


Thanks :thumbsup:

Thanks a lot for all the answers!!!! :-D

thanks geekyboy


well, that one was a lot of effort! Their website is terribly slow!

Thanks for the answers, much appreciated

Entered, http://img2.imageshack.us/img2/5011/thankyoupiglet.jpg

I have to have patience to do the squares let alone get the answers, a HUGE Thank You
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