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Found 7th Sep 2009
Win The Diet Plate family pack

Mum, dad and child: we're giving away a portion control plate for all the family

Eat less, exercise more. It's a simple equation, yet one which one in four overweight adults in the UK still can't adhere to. If we carry on as we are, by 2050 it's estimated that nine in 10 adults will be overweight or obese.

By simply swapping your regular dinner plate for The Diet Plate, you can expect to lose between 1-4lbs a week.

Portion sizes play a large role in weight gain and the struggle to keep those extra pounds off. The bottom line? We're eating more than we need.

Think about your own daily meals. Do you eat what is put in front of you or do you actually think about how hungry you're feeling before tucking in? Suzi Godson, author of The Body Bible says: 'Today's oversized portions get eaten even though they are neither wanted or needed. Remember, your unfed stomach is about the size of your clenched fist and if you are trying to lose weight, no portion of food you eat should ever be larger than that.'

For your chance to win The Diet Plate family set, please enter your details into the form below.
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entered, thanks
my first post im so proud of myself dunno how you guys manage to post all the ones you do i found this one hard enough
but hey its something i believe it and ive personally lost 58.5lbs so far 20weeks in via portion control and learning about food soo theres gotta be something in it right
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