Once: Win a dyson DC22 baby or a dyson DC24 Ball ! Exp: 4/4/08

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Found 24th Mar 2008
Two competitions here - First comp is to Win a dyson DC22 baby and the second to Win a dyson DC24 Ball !


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First comps answer: A third of the size

Second comps answer: 5.4Kg

Good Luck!

Nice one , thanks.

First comp - none of the answers are right! The blurb states "A third smaller than a full-sized Dyson cylinder" then the answer that it's "A third of the size" of a normal one is wrong - if it's a third smaller then it's two thirds of the size! D'OH!!

Still, it is the nearest answer! ;-)

H & R added, thanks millarcat

entered - agree with littletiger - none of the answers are actually right! couldnt find the other comp for the dyson ball but did find that if you sign up to their newsletter you could win a wii
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