Once: WIN A FIAT 500


Answer the 5 easy questions

It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to become a barista at a Costa coffee store. First, they have to know how to make coffee the right way - that's by hand. And second, they have to make it perfectly every time - so our coffee lovers keep on coming back.

No pressure then!

If you're good under pressure you could win a Fiat 500. All you have to do for your chance to drive it away is answer the following five questions. Good luck.


Nice find:thumbsup:

[COLOR="Purple"]great comp[/COLOR]


nice one h and r added:thumbsup:

Great post-entered-heat added:thumbsup:

Congratulations you have scored 0 out of 5!

Great find, thanks

Somehow I got 0/5 in the easy quiz! Still entered comp. Thanks. :oops:

Congratulations you have scored 0 out of 5!:?
Thanks i think:thumbsup:

I'm thick too - 0/5



Thanks, entered. Heat added.

thanks for this, says 0 out of 5 but i know i got them all right cos i went onto the costa website for them. some fault on the site lol. thanks and entered, good luck all x

:roll: I got 5/5, check me out! must of fixed the problem of 0/5 then cuz im sure not clever!!

I got 5/5 so it must be fixed.Thanks B.

Second Fiat 500 comp entered today - what will I do with two cars?

Thanks & Good luck :thumbsup:

Cheers :thumbsup:

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