Once: Win a holiday up to the value of a whopping £2000!

Small World, Big Prizes!
Expedia.co.uk have teamed up with Geoff Lloyd's Hometime Show to give you a holiday up to the value of a whopping £2000!

This month, we want to show you that the holiday of your dreams needn't feel so far away. It's a small world after all, so whether it's Rome's Colosseum, The Statue of Liberty, or even Big Ben right on your back doorstep, Expedia.co.uk can find you a holiday that's suited just for you!

Have you ever bumped into a celebrity in an unlikely place? Ever accidentally discovered that one of your friends knew another friend of yours by a seemingly random coincidence? We want you to tell us all about it!

In fact, we want you to tell us about all of your 'Small World' experiences, and at the end of the month, Geoff will choose his favourite of the lot to win a fantastic holiday worth up to £2000 - all thanks to Expedia.co.uk!


thanks. heat added.
I think I may actually win this one. lol


thanks. heat added.I think I may actually win this one. lol

no i will - put a good story :thumbsup: haha

thanks bw:thumbsup:

Thank you!


:thumbsup:thanks heat and rep added

Thanks H&R added
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