Once: Win a new Garmin Nuvi 1240 sat nav unit!

Found 9th Sep 2009
ANSWER: Western Europe

The colour satellite navigation unit covers all of western
Europe, and features multi-modal compatibility, speed limit
alert, ecoRoute, together with all the features that you come
to expect on a premium satellite navigation unit.

To help drivers make their fuel go the extra mile, the devices come
standard with ecoRoute, for fuel-efficient navigation. In addition
to faster time and shorter distance for route preference,
ecoRoute lets n?users choose less fuel as the best way to save
petrol and money. Before each car journey the unit really lets the
user make an educated choice between using the car, walking
or public transportation by giving an estimated cost for the
journey before you set off. Also, through ecoRoutes fuel report
and mileage report, drivers can focus on their fuel conservation
using the live - as you drive driving challenge which rates how
economically you are driving, giving an overall score at the end of
the journey along with fuel-saving tips.

Garmin is renowned for its quality navigational experience with
safety in mind which is why the new n?series carries on the
tradition of featuring the popular Where am I? safety feature
and breakdown and recovery services across Europe. At any time,
with a single tap of the car icon, drivers can display their exact
latitude and longitude coordinates for the nearest address and
intersection, and the closest hospitals, police stations fuel
stations and recovery service.
Which main area does the Garmin nuvi 1240 unit cover?
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