Once: Win A Pocket-Size Digital Camcorder

Two winners will get a camcorder plus a bottle of hay fever treatment.

Answer: 13, Possibly 12. Not sure if the last is a remedy, seems more like a few tips to keep symptoms at bay. What do you guys and girls think?

Closing date 04/08/10


Cheers Jedi - I went for 13.

:thumbsup:have gone for the 13. thanks

Went 13 too Cheers

13 is good enough for me-thanks JM:thumbsup:

I went for 13 too..thanks Jedi


Entered, http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/8721/thankyourockingbear.gif

thank you I put 13

Thanks JM

thanks jedi i went for 13


I've gone 12, I think your right, the last is not a remedy its tips, when you first visit that page you 'd think the answer was 13 by looking at the counter.


Went for 13 mate, thanks

Thank you

I went for 12, the last slide says:
What else can I do?
which suggests to me that it should not a counted as a remedy

Thanks for posting



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