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Found 19th Nov 2009Made hot 20th Nov 2009
Answer: Ipod Touch

The next generation in iPod docking, the S5 allows you to unlock the music not just on your iPhone or iPod but also online, where you can access over 25,000 radio stations and a world of music from streaming sites such as Napster. The S5 allows you to enjoy all the music you love without having to dock your iPhone as well, making it perfect for the iPod and iPhone lovers.

You can use your iPhone or iPod touch to control the Sonos S5 with the free app and you can even let everyone know what you're listening to through Twitter, straight from the iPhone or iPod.

The S5 works the same way as the rest of the Sonos family, by creating a wireless 'mesh network' and streaming any music you like, from radio stations to Napster tunes, to the songs you already have on your computer.

But for those of you without iPhones, not only is CNET UK giving away a ZonePlayer S5 system, but also a dedicated Sonos controller CR200. Worth £279 in itself, this works just like the application on the iPhone but doesn't require you to have a home Wi-Fi connection. You can use this to control the Sonos system from anywhere in your house, as well as build playlists, update your Twitter status and set up and stream from Napster, Last.fm and other services.


ta muchly - now someone get that freaking tin off that bear! :x


Joker Pete;6939602

ta muchly - now someone get that freaking tin off that bear! :x

I think the Bear doesnt mind it!! Entered cheers! :thumbsup:


Entered, http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/1373/thankyousparklycarae7.gif

thanks bb

Thank you BigBear :-D
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