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Found 8th Apr 2010
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TEMPUR is giving one lucky reader the chance to benefit from a great night's sleep every night with a Deluxe Mattress and Pillow set.
Thanks to NASA-developed technology, TEMPUR Mattresses are great for anyone who suffers from disturbed sleep or back problems, and celeb fans include Angela Rippon and Jennie Bond. Unlike conventional mattresses, where you need to reposition your body, TEMPUR Mattresses mould to your exact shape and position, giving your neck, back, shoulders and legs the comfort and support they need.
Pressure is evenly distributed, thus reducing pressure points and virtually eliminating the need to toss and turn in bed in order to get comfy. TEMPUR Mattresses are made from a unique temperature-sensitive material that evenly distributes your weight. The TEMPUR Deluxe-HD Mattress combines unique pressure relieving qualities with extra TEMPUR-HD soft touch material quilted into the cover, for a luxurious, comfortable feel.
Accompanying the mattress are two Deluxe-HD Pillows with an ultra-soft layer of TEMPUR pressure-relieving material quilted into the pillow cover. Beneath this layer, thousands of TEMPUR micro-cushions provide the perfect combination of pressure-relieving support.

Voted best mattress in a recent Which? report, TEMPUR offers the ultimate sleep experience to everyone wanting the best night's sleep.
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Thanks Mr Weaver:thumbsup:
Thanks so the pillow on "Something for the weekend" earlier on, £100 for a pillow!!!

Going to have to win one as i'm not paying that no matter how good it is
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