Once: WIN! an EchoPilot easyTRACER GPS & Phone worth £308 - TWO TO GIVEAWAY

    ANSWER: £308

    The easyTRACER is a matchboxsized case with a built in mobile phone and GPS. It accurately transmits the position of your caravan, boat, car, bicycle and is simple to use. Just call the mobile number on your easyTRACER (normally free of charge) and the easyTRACER will send a text message to your master mobile phone with the location. The easyTRACER can be powered by internal battery (for 48hrs) or by 12v supply. All you need to set up the easyTRACER is a mobile phone SIM card and your mobile (or other text enabled phone). When you receive position reports you can alert the authorities to the location of your vehicle.


    Entered thanks:-D

    Many thanks!! ;-)

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