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    Once: Win an LG TV/DVD combo and Hustle series 1-5 box set


    QUESTION :- What is the capital of Australia?

    ANSWER :- Canberra

    After returning from a stint in Australia, where he managed to sell the Sydney Opera House to an unsuspecting punter, con artist Mickey returns to a new London where the credit crunch has well and truly kicked in. But whilst the majority of the country is holding back in these dire times, there are still a greedy few who seem to be getting even richer from others losses.

    However, along with the change in the financial state, Mickeys crew has somewhat depleted too. Ash is back to short cons, Danny and Stacey are grifting their way across America and Albert is has finally been busted and is doing time in prison. Mickey is determined that he and Ash get a new crew together, but with Alberts tip off for a potential mark ready for the taking, they have more pressing matters at hand.

    Can Mickey and his crew use their con artist skills to extract the cash from the city boys and their fat cat cronies as they continue to grow richer and greedier in these times of depression? Find out in HUSTLE SEASON 5 as this must-have DVD is released on 4 January 2010 from Warner Home Video. A Complete Season 1-5 DVD box set will also be released don the same day.

    We have one LG TV/DVD combo and Hustle series 1-5 DVD box set to give away to a lucky winner.


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