Once: Win an Xbox 360 and Bioshock 2


QUESTION :- What is the name of Bioshock 2's resident psycho?

ANSWER :- c) Dr Sofia Lamb

Following the critical, commercial and artistic success of 2007's smash hit BioShock, the sequel cunningly entitled BioShock 2 sees a return to the art deco city of Rapture for another moody, atmospheric first-person shooter.

Out now on Xbox 360 and PS3, featuring the ability to dual-wield weapons and plasmids, BioShock 2 is set 10 years after the events of the first game in which you fill the heavy deep-sea diving boots of prototype Big Daddy, Subject Delta.

Expect more philosophical machinations from resident psycho, Dr Sofia Lamb as she employs the services of an even deadlier army of Adam-addled splicers and a new threat in the form of Big Sisters!

The game's atmosphere is outstanding. The sad, ominous screech of a Big Sister stalking you is genuinely unsettling; radios play big-band classics in a broken-down theme park, with working attractions. The attention to detail is stunning.

We've got an Xbox 360 to give away, along with a copy of Bioshock 2 and some Bioshock 2 merchandise! For your chance to win this great prize, just answer the question below...




Nice contest



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