Once: Win cutting-edge Packard Bell PCs

Found 9th Feb 2010

QUESTION :- As well as being a computer, what else is the oneTwo L?

ANSWER :- Television

Considering how futuristic the year 2010 sounds, we are a teensy bit disappointed here at Stuff that were not yet teleporting to the office. But since we live and breathe gadgets, its easy for us to forget just how far weve come.

Take the home PC, for example: even ten years ago, they were still big beige boxes with hernia-inducing monitors, and a decent one cost about £1500. Now, an all-in-one desktop such as Packard Bells touchscreen oneTwo L packs four times the power, 50 times the storage, doubles as a home media centre and a Freeview-certified television, yet costs about half as much.

Likewise, laptops are lighter, exponentially more powerful and come in a flavour to suit every application. Packard Bells EasyNote Butterfly Touch Edition, for example, has a swivelling multi-touch display so can be used as a go-anywhere tablet, and the Butterfly XS and Dot S2 netbooks are styled and specced to suit work and play respectively although since they both run Windows 7, what you do with them is up to you.

The best bit about this progress, though, is that instead of offering some brick-sized portable games consoles as prizes, as in March 2000s mag, were giving away all four of these Packard Bells.
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