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Found 28th Oct 2009
Blood: The Last Vampire is released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Monday 2 November 2009. The film, based on the popular cult hit anime series of the same name, tells the story of Saya, a beautiful teenager and half-vampire. Saya is bound by oath to avenge her human father, murdered by evil vampire lord Onigen when she was just a child. Along the way, she destroys demon classmates at her local high school, befriends a human, and gets into lots of swordfights. The film is directed and produced by Chris Nahon (Chasing the Dragon, Kiss of the Dragon) and William Kong (Croucing Tiger, Hero) and stars Gianna Jun and Allison Miller.

Thanks to Path?nd Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment we have 5 copies of the DVD (RRP £15.99) to give away. For you chance to win, just tell us:

Q: Which of the below is said to be an effective way of destroying vampires?
A: Stake through the heart

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