One AV sender, two or three recievers - possible?

    Hi guys,

    We currently have one AV sender situated in the living room, and a receiver in the kitchen - it was cheap but works brilliantly, except for two problems:

    1. We need more receivers - two at the very least (one for the dining room) but preferably three to use upstairs too.

    2. As soon as I turn on my Xbox 360 (even on standby) it kills the signal, which is really annoying.

    ... so I'm wondering, is it possible to get something like this please? Just one sender, three receivers that won't conflict with the Xbox is all I'm after.

    Also, what are they actually called? Searching for 'AV Sender' doesn't bring up that many results on the usual sites, and I can't find a single set that has more than one receiver, yet in the same respect I can't see why it wouldn't work, you know?



    Yep you can buy them separate.
    Just try to make sure same type or could be diff frequency and not work.
    Usually company that sold tx rx pair sell extra rx.
    Phone them up and ask them.

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the info, any recommendations on places to try? I was looking at Maplins but they're pretty expensive on there compared to Amazon, Argos, Play and other places that just sell the single units
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