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Found 27th Sep 2008
Was gonna post this in the deals section, but I got into trouble before for posting Jap deals…asp

You can get mirror's edge for £28.50 delivered ! (pre-order)

Good company. I used them to order my ps3 before it came out here, and they marked the box as 'Toys' , so I didn't get charged customs

Here are the ps3 games they have up for pre-order. Some PAL, some US, but they would all work !

2008-9-6 Games (US) Vampire Rain: Altered Species USD:40.13
2008-9-6 Games (US) Rapala Fishing Frenzy US version USD:40.77
2008-9-6 Games (US) NFL Head Coach 2009 US version USD:48.52
2008-9-23 Games (US) LEGO Batman US version USD:46.58
2008-9-24 Games (US) Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway US version USD:58.19
2008-9-24 Games (US) Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Limited Edition US version USD:64.65
2008-9-27 Games (US) Pure US version USD:54.32
2008-9-28 Games(PAL) Rise of the Argonauts Pal version USD:49.16
2008-10-7 Games (US) NBA Live 2009 Asian Version USD:44.00
2008-10-7 Games(PAL) Midnight Club: Los Angeles Pal version USD:47.87
2008-10-8 Games(PAL) Fracture Pal version USD:49.16
2008-10-8 Games(PAL) NBA 2K9 Pal version USD:47.87
2008-10-14 Games (US) FIFA Soccer 2009 Asian version USD:44.00
2008-10-16 Games(PAL) Blitz, The League II Pal version USD:47.87
2008-11-8 Games(PAL) Bioshock Pal version USD:47.87
2008-11-11 Games (US) Mirror's Edge US version USD:44.00
2008-11-15 Games (US) Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 US version USD:46.58
2008-11-15 Games(PAL) Tomb Raider Underworld Pal version USD:49.16
2008-11-16 Games(PAL) Damnation Pal version USD:49.16
2008-11-16 Games(PAL) Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Pal version USD:49.16
2008-11-17 Games (US) Need for Speed Undercover US version USD:44.00

They also sell lots of misc. computer stuff. (I want the megadrive !)
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