Found 14th Jul 2012
I have started to learn to ride a bike, CBT done, theory at the start of the week and test to follow very shortly. Anyway thinking of getting a bike namely a 2003 Bandit S, with low miles and garaged and what not.

Any opinions from the bikers? Oh and I'm a big lad coming in at like 6"3 and close to 17 stone if that makes any difference? Obviously can't ride one before I get the ticket so opinions welcome.



Droppable bike with engine bars on. Oh wait, it's an S

How much you got to spend?

I'd go with a 600 Fazer between that & a Bandit


R6 for me


I had a FZS600 Fazer '98, best around bike I've had. A bit gutless past 80 though, the thou fixes this and is a cracker I've heard.

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I'm looking to spend about 2k, and ChrisUK a gazer was the other option, something like this maybe...…644

Mate of mine has a bandit 600 N, quite nice.

Yeah fazer or thundercat , I had a thundercat for my first bike I'm 6'2 it's a good comfy bike to learn to ride properly once passed . Then you can go crazy

Bandits are nice, fazers are better. If you are planning on runs then the fazer wins, but if it is around town both are fine.

Good luck with the tests.

Just be aware with the bandit you may get bored of the power in a few Months particularly as you are a big guy like my self. I went for an r6 treated It with respect and got on fine. When you pass take you proof of passing to a bike dealer and take any bike your interested I out. The you will find one that fits you best. The I found the r6 comfortable butnot the gsxr or the kawasaki . The Bandit did not have enough go for me. Did not try a fazer. I'm currently rebuilding a 96 zxr 750. If your doing many miles on motorway you need a fairing. But the only person who can decide is yourself. Pick a bike that fits you, will be suitable for your needs and will be entertainment for years to come.Unless all you want is a hack to and from work then there are cheaper bikes

Bike names are gay...

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Thanks everyone I went Yamaha Fazer, 2006 with 7k on the clock and it is a minter!

Nice choice.
Went to a bike meet last night, and this lad rode back to our town with us on his aprilia 1000.
He stuck behind me for about 8 miles. As soon as we hit the rode to get back into town he just took off. Must of been 100+.
Be safe

I love my Fazer FZS 600, but looking to 'upgrade' to a BMW K1200RS for more touring and luggage options.

Just get something that's as immaculate as possible, no matter the age and as cheap as possible so you don't have to worry to much when you drop it
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