One for the grandkids..

    I have BBC news on, discussing the outbreak of Swine Flu in the Uk, basically ONE couple who have returned from honeymoon in Cancun and showed symptoms are being treated.

    For the past 20mins, all they've done is show their wedding photo and talk about them! They have a reporter outside their house (even though they're in hospital) and another reporter outside the hospital where they're being treated.



    this is what the license fee is for

    have they showed a clip of them digging the plague pits - :w00t:

    100s of locations across the country - 1 reporter - 1 soundman - 1 cameraman ...................

    as you say - madness!!!

    And they said I was mad for building a Nuclear Bunker after the Berlin wall came down:geek:

    Why hospital? Did the doctors run out of oinkment.
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