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    mummy and daughter walked up to their home from park and daughter saw the neighbours having sex, so she asked her mother "mummy what are they doing?" the mother replied "they are making cakes"... the next day the daughter said to her mom, "you and daddy was making cakes last night" the mother replied "how do you know???" the daughter replied "i licked the icing off the couch!"


    Thats Rotten Hi. Its Like The Mayonnaise 1

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    Thats Rotten Hi. Its Like The Mayonnaise 1

    Enlighten me?

    this guy is coming home with his girlfriend and they are planning
    on having sex but the problem is he shares a bunk bed with
    his little brother.. when they get into the room the little brother
    is sleeping on the bottle bunk.. so the boyfriend says when
    you want it faster say lettuce and when you want it harder
    say cheese. soo... they go into bed .. "lettuce!,,cheese!!"
    the little boy wakes up and says to the boy/girl friend. (clueless)
    "can you guys go make sandwiches somewhere else because you got mayonnaise on my face!"

    Mom said: if a boy touches ur pus$y, say DON'T, if a boy touches your boobs say STOP.

    Daughter reply: He touched both so i said DON'T STOP!
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