One Keyboard key of my laptop come of, what now ?

    Ive recently just purchased a HP laptop but yesterday one of the keys came of, im under the one year warranty and i rang HP, they will take the laptop away and repair it which could take upto 10 days, is there no way of me putting it back in myself or is it not worth it and leave it to HP. Over one key ive got to wait 10 days to get my laptop back:x


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    mines the left direction key a the bottom of the laptop,i keep trying but cannot get the clips,wat can i use to get them out,the tweezers i have are not very good. thanks for the reply

    I cleaned the keyboard of a laptop and knocked a few keys off. You can get them back on with a bit of effort, but it is very fiddly.

    Just keep at it.


    A couple came off on mine, and a couple were loose-ish

    Dell sent me out a new keyboard straight away which was just as simple as taking off 1 small panel and then screwing it in.

    Guess HP dont do that though


    I managed to get mine back on when my ??? came off :giggle:
    You have to fit the two pieces of the key together first so they click into place, then hook the top part of the key (at the back) over the top two points. Then I just pressed the key and it popped back on.

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    i keep trying but not fitting on,do i have to take the white clip of the keybaord, and if yes how.

    HP laptop keyboards aren't too hard to fix. Call them again, and ask if they can send out a new keyboard, and you'll fit it yourself.

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    they wont, they can only take my laptop away and repair it for me, how long they usually take
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