one million posts and counting!

Found 25th Sep 2007
I just posted a message and was surprised to see my post number was over a million! :w00t:

I've had a look :thinking: and can confirm yesterday at 17:51 the millionth post here was posted, by someone.

I think it was deleted or something though, the link goes to a thread but I can't find it on that page.


The ones either side were both posted at 17:51 though.


Anyway, I didn't realise how fast we were all posting now. It'll be 2 million in no time :thumbsup:
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This must be one of the most active forums in the world.
[SIZE=2]Not a million yet[/SIZE]

Posts: 987,623

still about 12,500 to go
Original Poster
Maybe deleted ones get taken away from the total. So there are 987,623 available to look at.

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