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one Mobile Phone contract with multiple phones?

Posted 30th Aug 2014
Is it possible to have one mobile contract and have multiple users - so one person pays the bill?

I know Tesco do this - but do any of the others?

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TV advert with Kevin bacon for ee says up to 5 phones on one contract but iphones according to what he says
EE sharer plan is available for upto five devices. They do not have to specifically be iPhones but they advertise it ( to try and get you to be the devices).

I am on a 20GB 4G EE sharer plan. I then have an additional line for £11 ( as a minimum 12 month contract) then a tablet for £5 ( again 12 month minimum contract).

The main payer has unlimited texts and minutes and the data allowance. Each additional phone line has unlimited minutes and text and shares the data allowance. The tablet £5 one shares the data too.

Importantly, I can tether devices should I want to also.

If you qualify for NHS/ military/ Blue light discount 20% off this can be applied too but must be at the point of sale of the main contract. The discount isn't applied to the additional lines or tablets.

If they don't do the discount for you, call up customer services within 14 days and tell them you want the discount applied. If they say no, tell them to do the discount ( work out the actual 20% deduction) as just a normal goodwill discount for the 24 months or you'll cancel the contracts and start again. :-)
Thanks guys - I can get the NHS and Blue light discount so will bare that in mind

Does Three do something similar - interested in the capping feature they offer
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