Posted 24th Dec 2022 (Posted 11 h, 2 m ago)
Just a quick reminder to those in the industry, just one more yes one more shift! Good luck all, remember to eat chocolate through the day, breathe and try and survive. Hope you all have a cold one in the fridge ready
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    Funny, many years ago when I worked in retail we never needed this kind of "motivational" pep talk - we just got on with it.

    Is this a new thing?
    No it’s appreciate post. We’re all exhausted and getting on with it. But you get the odd few who want to kick you down
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    Really disappointed that people don’t seem to appreciate retail staff and pharmacy/nhs staff in the busy periods. Looks likes kindness has left the building for Christmas
    What difference does working today make any more than working last Saturday?
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    I was in the pharmacy the other day getting my wife's regular heart medication. It was amazing the amount of people wanting silly things they didn't need or folks expecting a prescription straight away.

    I really felt for the staff, why do folks flap so much when shops are shut for 1 day.

    And yes I do realise I was part of the problem but her meds run out Thursday so was just getting her regular month supply. (edited)
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    Sounds like feel sorry for yourself day
    No it’s looking out for the staff working tody
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    And everyone else who works on a Saturday, a normal day just like any other Saturday in the year. It's their job.

    Shops haven't been busy when I've been to them over the last few weeks so it'll be more doom and gloom in new year when the December sales figures are released.

    Well my store has 79% increase in retail and 400% in pharmacy…..
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    Some pharmacies - Some Boots pharmacies and those in certain Sainsburys and Asda are open tomorrow. (edited)
    We have a couple open tomorrow where I live.
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