One of my favourite jokes.

    A guy was working in a large factory when he had a terrible accident and fell through an enormous plate glass window. As he fell both his ears were sheared off.
    A while later after he had recuperated, he decided to use the compensation payment to start a business of his own. The first thing he needed to do was recruit a secretary. He ended up with a shortlist of three candidates but they were all as good as each-other. He decided after a final interview he would make his decision.
    The first came in and after a lengthy interview he asked, "Do you notice anything strange about me?" " Well," the candidate replied, "I couldnt help noticing you havent got any ears." Horrified by the lack of sensitivity he jumped to his feet, ended the interview and struck the candidate off his list and summoned the second.
    Once again the candidate was perfect for the job but he decided to ask the same question; "Do you notice anything strange about me?" He asked. "Well," came the reply, "I couldnt help noticing you dont have any ears." Again the manager, incensed by the individuals lack of tact leapt to his feet and abruptly ended the interview.
    It was now the turn of the last candidate and the same procedure was followed. He decided he had to be fair and give all three an equal opportunity, so he once again asked the question. "Do you notice anything strange about me?" " Well, I couldnt help noticing you're wearing contact lenses," came the reply, " after all you'd be fuc**d if you had to wear glasses, wouldn't you!"

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