One Stop Phone Shop Clearance Deals - Please Help

Found 12th Mar 2006
I am not sure if I should be posting this here, But I need some help regarding clearance deals at one stop phone shop. I am about to order a Sony Eric. K750i from the Clearance Stock

Is there anyone who has ordered a clearance stock phone from the OSPS. I m just wondering how good/bad it is, is it re-conditioned, comes with the box or just wana know your experiance?

Any help would be really appreciated.

Best Regards
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As far as I know it's usually pretty good condition but you have to accept that it can be hit and miss. I think they just come in a brown box? It's possible you may not get things like the headphones.

I don't have personal experience on this though, just going by memory off other posts. As far as I know most people have had a good experience with it. Hopefully someone will post yet that has actually bought one from there (I'm sure there's quite a few members who have).
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