One stop shop : unlock and Upgrade Orange San Francisco

    Can anyone with knoweldge please post here simple instructions as to what to do with a virgin San Francisco. The Deal thread is 170 pages and counting ...


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    Deal Thread : Link

    Need to know :

    1. How to unlock (but not change any other firmware - i.e. use on another network but leave all orange gubbins)

    2 - Once unlocked - how to upgrade to custom firmware

    Nice easy steps please !…php

    I used these for unlock... at the time there WAS a cheaper option, but they wanted too much personal info and credit card numbers etc, so paid these £4.99 from paypal, input the IMEI number from the phone (dial *#06~#) into their form, and they emailed the unlock code.
    Once you have this, insert a DIFFERENT SIM card to Orange, and the phone starts up, then goes to an "UNLOCK NUMBER".... type in the code you received and thats IT !
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