One Stream Broadband - Need an alternative router to the one they supplied!

Posted 26th May 2019
I have recently signed up to OneStream Broadband and the route they send out is diabolical, with it being some cheap single channel 2.4 GHz Technicolor TG588v v2 router...

When plugged into the router with an Ethernet cable I get speeds of 35+MB/PS, but over WiFi speeds are anything from 11-25MB, even when right next to the router.

I am not a demanding broadband user and always used the routers supplied by providers without an issue, with speeds over WiFi being similar to that of an Ethernet cable connections, but this is not the case with this OneStream Router and can only assume there is an issue with the limited channel range.

OneStream have told me they offer no other routers and as the broadband is being delivered to the router at the expected speeds there is nothing more they can do. I have found out OneStream use the Vodafone network infrastructure for their Broadband. I notice Vodafone Fibre/Broadband uses a different router which is dual channel and boasts a decent range.

If I was to switch to the Vodafone Router, would this work on OneStream or are they locked down? I have noticed new Vodafone routers on Ebay for £8-10, and could be a cheap solution to the issue.

OneStream have also said I am free to buy my own router and they will supply the setting details, how much would a router dual band router cost and would anyone make any suggestions to any that are reasonable low cost.

I only live in a small flat and the range of the router does not seem to be the issue, I am guessing it due to the shear number of routers and WiFi networks in the area I live.
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