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Posted 19th May 2023
Does anyone know if it's possible to buy a gift card when using a one4all gift card and what stores it's works with?

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  1. crumpetman's avatar
    One4all does not work with Google pay but one4all have their own app for contactless payment…all
  2. emmatthew's avatar
    I bought an M&S gift card at M&S.
    Just scanned it on self scan as my One4all is on my Apple Pay so just selected debit card as payment type then tapped phone.
    Should work anywhere that One4all accepted.
    Boots normally have a good selection of gift cards then just tap with Apple Pay / google pay after you have attached the One4all gift card to it. (edited)
  3. Deedie's avatar
    Might work in Asda on the self service tills. Not sure how those gift cards work though
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    harvey.atkins Author
    One4all is not accepted at Asda
  4. Alexandre77's avatar
    I managed to buy in store Argos and in store WH Smith, the staff is very awkward or try to stop you buying gift cards with One4all,

    Once one of the the staff told me we are monitoring all transactions , when I was paying at the self checkout machine.
    harvey.atkins's avatar
    harvey.atkins Author
    Interesting, so obviously all Argos stores are now in Sainsbury's, if I take a gift card from Argos, can I pay using the Sainsbury's self checkout do you know? I wanna use it on fuel as I have loads and it makes more sense for me. But Sainsbury's only accept fuel with gift cards bought in store or Argos.
  5. Deedie's avatar
    I used Currys vouchers to buy steam vouchers before. So Currys might also work. I did it online
  6. Doug_'s avatar
    You can with a physical One4All card at the counter in Argos
  7. chunyu.yip's avatar
    Just got a gift card from friend. However, I can't add it to apple pay to make it contactless no matter I tried. (keep saying to contact the card issuer). Any help is greatly apprepicated.
    Doug_'s avatar
    Try going via the One4All app
  8. nick88's avatar
    You can use Boost Gaming to convert to Google Play/Apple/other gaming. Otherwise will allow a range of gift cards
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