OnePlus is quietly collecting a ton of data from its smartphones

I'm not really surprised. It's a Chinese smartphone.
People should root their devices and install software (XPrivacy or alternatives) to block as much data being sent out as possible.
let me think....
do you use facebook/social media?
do you use google?
browser cookies

your point is moot
Edited by: "mattsk" 11th Oct 2017
I would feel stupid if I'd been singing this phones praises,
Samsung, crapple and all other big companies are doing you over in one way or another. either in a different way or more discrete, android pay for example uses the data, they take no fee from banks, whereas apple pay does take a fee from banks but does not sell the data,
Personally don't give a crap I go into my settings and tweak all apps not to access things i don't think it should, and have apps to stop it
Band 20 though?
I know a Data I would like them to collect!
mattsk3 h, 30 m ago

let me you use facebook/social media?do you use google?browser …let me you use facebook/social media?do you use google?browser cookiesWindows/OSX your point is mute

RossD8949 m ago


autocorrect sic
mattsk29 m ago

autocorrect sic

be quiet,
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