Oneplus phone- backup to laptop

Posted 23rd Aug
Hiya, is there a quicker way than USB to back everything up to windows 10? (6t)

So sorry this is such a novice question, but thank you
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What are you trying to back up? If it's just photos use the Google photos app and it will back up straight to your Google drive.
Or back up to Google Drive which is very easy to set up.
Yeah I'd be curious to know what you need to back up.

Photos - Google Photos
Whatsapp - Automatically to G Drive
Contacts/Texts - As part of G Drive too

Most other things are cloud based so no real need to back up (email, Swift Key if you use that, shopping apps etc)

If you have a custom layout with things like Nova, take a back up of that.

Give us some specifics and we can help you.
Thank you, sorry I couldn't be more specific as i wasn't sure if there's a blanket method of copying everything, but actually you all summed it up. Thank you!
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