OneStopPhoneShop or E2Save Deals

    Has any1 used either these 2 for mobile phone and free gift deals? I know they aint very reputable with their cash back, not saying it never works but risk is like 70% wont get the cash back. So i aint gona go that path.

    The 12 month contracts with the ps3 seems like an incredible deal but im not sure if they are reliable in keeping their word with sending the free gift. This is the 2nd best deal from cash back in terms of value. me thinks

    I have no contract atm anyway and looking for one, so if no one has actually had experience with these shops with free gifts i'll give it a try.

    But will be very helpful before i try and die....


    Hey, and welcome to the site

    Firstly, you've actually posted this in the wrong section - not to worry. Feedback is for this sites feedback, this should be in misc. I've reported it, and it'll be moved shortly.

    Between those 2 for choices, I'd personally be choosing e2save. I believe this is part of the carphonewarehouse and therefore should be more reputable. Either way, just do you research and make sure you satisfy all the T&Cs to get your money back. If your not on the ball, the money WONT come back to your pocket.

    Both are part of the carphone warehouse group and both are fairly reputable. One of the problems that people have is that companies have gone bust in the past and hence not paid out the cashback.

    e2save/OSPS shouldn't go under as they're propped up by CPW, and also the free PS3 deals etc take away this problem as well.

    As said above, moved to misc.

    Original Poster

    thanks for the welcome, thanks for the tip on wrong place for this message. This site is kinda confusing at first

    Well back to the topic, done as much research as i can. One Stop Phone shop is also a carphone warehouse affiliate or whatever they call it .. store. Anyway i've read loads of reviews saying how poor both these are, not much on the free gift side tho. Just alot of ppl complaining about not getting their cash backs etc etc.

    Just seeing if any1 actually got the free gifts within 90 days .. or within 28 days (better), otherwise i'll have the be a guinee pig and try it, (but im not getting the right vibe).

    I've never had any trouble with the cashback from these guys. The complaints are often from people who haven't followed the T&Cs properly.

    EDIT: If you purchase via QuidCo ( ) then you'll get even more money back on your purchase!! Upto £50.

    They can both be a bit slow with cashback and sometimes they'll argue a bit. I must have had over a dozen cashback deals with them over the years and have always got the cashback (eventually). You need to follow the Ts&Cs and be well organised!

    ive just had my 4th cashback cheque from e2save well within 2 weeks of submitting my paperwork, never had any problems, if u follow their t&c to the letter and send it recorded delivery shouldnt really have any problems

    if you would prefer to do it through carphonewarehouse itself, they have several deals on phones with PS3's -…-3/

    Original Poster

    i would do it with carphoneware house but as a student, i tend to go for the better deals :P and trying to avoid 18 month contracts. I've been waiting for a whole year for good value deals (i keep finding 1, hesitating, then it goes:( ). Anyway i dont reckon i will be organised for cashback for numberous reasons. I assume a ps3 is automatically sent to you as well as autocash back. Saves me alot of hassle.

    sorry for being so cheap ;p

    yeah, cashback can be quite annoying, if you are busy and forget to send the claim on the correct date, and as far as i know you will receive the PS3 near the start of the contract - i got a Wii with mine and that came within the first month of my contract
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