Onetime going for the record......

    of posts being banned and offending people :giggle:

    Come on onetime post something useful or at least funny :whistling:



    Although, I must admit that on Tranny & Suze and on the one with Gok, they both use some of the words mentioned on the banned thread.

    The programmes are both on before the watershed showing totally naked women at times.

    Even after a few complaints, both shows are still on.

    My 8 year old laughs at the 'wobbly women'.

    I'm sure that he is not on this site, the youngster implied will be teenagers who probably watch and read (look) at far worse.


    i think your thread might go the sameway any minute now lizzy:giggle:

    Who is onetime, and where can I catch his/her work?

    I'm in the mood for some Tom-foolerey

    Onetime has been banned!
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