Onguard cycle locks anyone used?

    I'm looking at Onguard Cycle locks either the pitbull with a flexicable or brute. Has anyone got any of them and able to recommend or compare?


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    That's the bulldog version and I think is the weakest of three D locks, well that's from the ratings that Onguard give it.


    I have the pillbull, it's a good lock. I read that onguard is harder to claim if your bike gets stolen since they are in the US but I don't know if that's true. I think you're supposed to register it when you buy it if you do want their insurance thing, I haven't done that cause I'm lazy and my bikes insured anyway. Brute is better than pitbull which is better than bulldog. I read an article a while back and it basically was interviewing bike thieves (that had obviously been caught) and they said if they see krytonite/onguard/abus d-lock on the bike they will just leave it and move onto a different bike. They obviously can't speak for every thief, so make your own judgement.

    My last 3 bikes were stolen, all whilst using cable locks. I now have a cheap bike for leaving at the train station and only ride my expensive one when I'm out with friends, or just going the shops or something.


    also it comes with a cable which is great for locking the front wheel, though the cable is not included in the security rating, and if your wheel does get stolen then you can't claim through onguard because only the dlock is covered

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    Thanks for that I think I'll get the brute and use one of the cable locks I've got for the front wheel. The price of these compared to the kyptonite is really good.
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