onkyo 508 and ps3 slim

Found 14th Mar 2011
i have an onkyo 508 amp and a ps3 slim 250gig,
what i am trying to do is play a dts movie, but my ps3 says its dolby digital, am i doing something wrong?!

how can i get it to play dts as its currently displaying pcm on my reciever
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Have you tried using an optical cable?

Have you tried using an optical cable?

That would be my answer also, im sure you need optical from the ps3 to the avr
Your ps3 doesn't sound like it's set up I have the 508 hdmi carrys dts sound run the set up again on the ps3 and tick all the audio boxes
i am using hdmi and i am playing a bluray rip. what do i need to on the settings?
I can't check at the moment s the tv is being hogged run the audio settings on the ps3 then hdmi then tick all the boxes dts and such like
Enable bitstreaming.
lol, how do you enable bit streaming?
i have no idea!!!
In your ps3 settings mate just scroll across the left on your menu then go down everything is there
audio settings? then enable it?
just tick all the audio boxes it should give you a list
I DID, but when i played my dts bluray rip, the playstation says its in dolby digital, i dont know what im doing wrong, i cant even get it to list dolby digital on my 508, just says pcm. is that good?!
i will check my settings later and update on here
oh ok thanks a lot, i appreciate it.
if you could tell me, what i need to do, that would be great.
just to clarify, i was playing a bluray rip with dts
any updates?
btw i tried using my laptop and it decodes it as dts, just the ps3 doesnt
Did you enable bitstreaming??

At the end of the day does it matter? Theres no loss in quality.
i dont know how to enable bitstreaming- if someone could tell me how that would be much appreciated.
if there is no loss of quality, then its all good
worked it out. thanks
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