Onkyo HT S3305B and Panasonic Viera connections help please

    I have a panasonic viera 42G20B, and the onkyo HTS3305 surround sound system, pairing them works fine for dvds but i have no idea how to use the surround sound with the tv itself. the manual says something about Audio return channel. could anyone help me out please?

    i've got the connection in hdmi port 2, as required for ARC, and when im on the freeview the tv switches over the the home cinema but no sound is produced, it just mutes. if i use viera link to go back to tv speakers, volume is back on.

    anyone have any idea?


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    do i need an hdmi 1.4 cable for ARC or can i use a hdmi 1.3 cable?

    edit: ok so that part is irrelevant. my tv and my amp both have hdmi 1.4 interface, so that part isn't a problem.
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    hi cant you connect the optical out from your tv to optical in on your sound system then choose the input?

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    don't have that cable unfortunately.

    You should have bought a proper branded amp like
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