Online automatic picture upscaling/enhancement with watermark.

Posted 29th Jul
Impressive online automatic picture/photo enhancer. It enhances pictures by sharpening facial details and the most dramatic result can be seen when it is used on a grainy vintage photo and on a picture where the faces are blurry.

Very basic registration details is required and a magic wand and MyHeritage watermarks will be added to the enhanced image. You simply upload your picture(s) and in a few seconds the enhanced picture(s) will be shown with an interactive before and after slider.

There are similar image enhancement websites available however they appear to limit the free enhancement to a low single digit number of pictures however MyHeritage appears to offer "several photos for free" for the non subscribed users and I've enhanced several as a non subscribed user and I'm still able to do so.…cer
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Woman in photo is 18
It clearly struggles to identify which imperfections and blemishes are real and which are due to the photo resolution so all the victorians in the example photos have unblemished skin, which would have been far from the case in reality.

Needs some further adjustment but it's a neat toy.
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