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ok quick question here for someone in the know if they will!

i have a HSBC account and a barclys account now ive lost the HSBC card and another one is on the way but this friday i need the wages coming in that day. hsbc wont let me withdraw that amount over the counter so can i banktransfer say 700 to my braclys (done it before but only like £10) and will it still follow the 2hr rule as i will be doing this at like 3AM in the morning as need petrol ASAP at like 8 AM any help welcomed

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I wouldnt "bank" on pun

Smaller amounts may appear quicker but larger amounts may be subject to clearance and take longer....why dont you transfer a smaller amount a couple of times to make sure the money will be there to get your petrol, then transfer the larger amount?

HSBC are good for transferring large amounts instantly I've definitely up to 500 but others like A+L put it into BACS if its a large amount which takes a few days. I'd do what StevenA2000-uk says and do a couple of transfers

I've done transfers upto the 10000 limit with HSBC and they always go through instantly (i.e. seconds) via Faster Payments - it should tell you on the final confirmation page if the payment is eligible.

I bank with Barclays, so not sure if HSBC handles it the same way. Last time I lost my wallet, bank cards, etc... I walked into my local Barclays branch presented my Passport and they allowed me to withdraw funds - don't remember them setting a limit on how much I was allowed to withdraw on that occasion.

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thanks for the replys guys....... hsbc will only allow me to withdraw 200 a day which isnt enough. it annoys me that its my own money i have ID (3 or 4 different onies) and i still cant get MY MONEY. lol but thanks guys!
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