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Hi all,

I don't have much space of my laptop and I don't really have an external hard drive. I was wondering what are the best online cloud storage facilities out there?

Obviously, I'd want them to be secure and around the 50GB mark. Ideally free! but if not, then very cheap!

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Best is Google Drive in my opinion. You get 15GB free straight away. Easy to upload, download/view files via computer or mobile.

To get 100GB its then £1.59 a month which I think is reasonable.
If you have Amazon prime you get unlimited photo storage
Office 365, you get 1tb online storage and ms office with free upgrades for as long as you pay the subscription.

If you know someone that has or have a university email address you can buy a cheap 4 year licence for £59.99 which works out at less than £1.25 a month.

Mega - 50GB free
I'd pay for Google drive or have multiple Google accounts. Depends what your storing but I wouid have a USB stick as backup. Cloud accounts can get shut down for no reason. Always best to have backup plan. Dropbox is my favourite but the free 6 gig I have works for me but you won't get that now. Google Drive is the best bet
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IMO dropbox is best, however it is £7.99 a month for the 1TB which puts me off (I only need 100GB) so im with google drive 100GB and thats £1.59.
If your Internet router supports it, how about attaching a USB hdd to it? Downside is that if the house burns it burns and it's not available outside of the house, but would be cheap.
Okay thanks for the advice guys
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