Found 16th Dec 2014
I have been playing World of Warcraft for many years,and after the last few expansions have had enough. They have dumbed it down too far. There is no challenge.

I'm looking for another on-line game, preferably MMORPG, can anyone suggest anything please?

( Cue the jokes about 'get a life' etc).


If you want a complete change of direction, Eve Online is rated highly.


Fiesta Online, if you want stability go for official servers (Gamigo) if you want cheap in game items/faster leveling go for pservers just make sure you pick the biggest longest running ones rather than new ones.

guild wars 2 is pretty good and doesn't require a subscription, which is nice.

Original Poster

Thanks guys, will look at them tomorrow.

I've heard good things about Wildstar.

I suspect you're finding it easy because you've been playing for years.

Most MMORPGs in my experience don't much go in for challenging, maybe at the top level but the first hundred hours tends to be more about time/effort/money spent rather than any knowledge of the game or skill.

For challenging your best bet is either to look at other types of MMOs (Planetside 2 is excellent) or just swap to normal multiplayer games like Battlefield.

If you do want an MMORPG-style game you could try Firefall which I'm playing at the moment. It can be a little easy in places (although the recent patch allowed you to start job boards five levels earlier which helped) but it's pretty good at minimising the tedium.
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