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    I have just realised I have a whole box of contacts for one eye but run out of the contacts for the other and am way out of my last prescription. Can I obtain contact lenses for just the one eye without having to get a prescription or will I have to sign up for another contract regardless? I was paying £20 a month before for two weekly's.

    Any advice gratefully received.


    Yes, you can purchase lenses for either eye individually. Providing your current prescription is valid then you wont have to get an updated one.

    There are many online sites to choose from tho and it is best to check out a few of them as the prices may vary significantly.

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    I guess I need to go and buy a new contact lens prescription though?


    I guess I need to go and buy a new contact lens prescription though?

    Providing you have a prescription thats dated within the last 2 years, and you are experiencing any difficulties or issues with your sight since, then you can use that prescription.

    Might be worth having a look at daysoft ] as they only charge £9.98 a month (if you buy two months worth) £13.98 if you only buy one months supply.

    Ive used them for a while and they have never asked for a prescription once, just the details of your optician, and even at £13.98 they would give you two months worth of both eyes cheaper than your usual £20 a month, no contract required either you can just order when you need them

    Banned is the best place i think.

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    Thank you everyone - and especially to babi-boo - I managed to get some from as they had the exact ones I was already using - they arrived yesterday! Great prices compared to buying from the optician - will definitely use them again.

    but compared to daysoft the prices are shocking.
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