Online Game: Cyber Nations?

Anyone play it?

You create a country your country and name your ruler. Then factors you chose like Government and Religion affect your people, you have to trade for resources and get varied bonuses when you get resources in combinations. You have to develop your to get more citizens and income to be more powerful.

You can join alliance blocs for protection and there is a war system that ranges from Ground Battles to Nukes!

Its good, you should all join and create a might HUKD Alliance

Only one nation per IP for those on shared networks (no exceptions for Brothers / Daughters / Partners), best not to log in on a public computer at all


Never heard of it - will take a look :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Only one person interested :-(

I've joined, quite fun if you are into the sim type stuff. easy to do, only requires logging in once a day for 15 mins to maintain things whilst you make money!
this is no Shoot em up type game though, so wont appeal to many.
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