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Was wondering if anyone had any recomendations for online game rental services (xbox 360) that they have previously had experience with.

Im currently on the 3 disc games and dvd package with lovefilm and whilst it has been quite good in the past I find that the service is slowing and turnaround sometimes takes more than a week rather than a few days. Im wondering if spliting the game and DVD rental between two companies might be worthwhile in terms or money and disc turnaround.

So far the only decent game rental sites I have come across is Blockbuster but it looks like they only do it on thier top tier package.

If anyone has any suggestions or recomendations I would appreciate it.

Thanks 1982


lovefilm are great, i get an xbox 360 game whenever i post the one i have now back for free, thinks its 12 quid a month for that package , plus theres a 30 day free trial.

BLOCKBUSTER all the way you get the titles you want 99% of the time and very quick dispatch:thumbsup::thumbsup:

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is blockbuster not £19.99 for 2 games or DVD? I cant see any lower options althought the games you want bit sounds quite good, lovefilm have a habit of ignoring your highest choices and picking from your reserve list

im on combination 3 (3 games and dvds)with lovefilm f/ 18.59 pm

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does anyone know of any other good suppliers?

I'm currently using LoveFilm. Games rental side is OK, as an alternative I might give the free trial with boomerang a go which does game rentals only from £7.99 a month.
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